GRP Stilling Wells

MOSDEN plastics & Fibreglass have manufactured GRP stilling wells for many years. MOSDEN GRP Stilling Wells have many advantages over Concrete and coated steel stilling wells as follows:

– Competitive price- No need for degreasing, sandblasting or painting.
– Lower Mass – Easier to install, handle and transport – No paint touch ups.
– Lower design loading for Bridge walkways and less support steelwork.
– Corrosion resistant – Will not corrode or be attacked by process chemicals.
– Maintenance free – Will not require painting or additional corrosion protection.

Stilling wells up to ø 10,000 can be manufactured as one-piece mouldings, however larger stilling wells up to ø 10,000 have been manufactured and exported as bolt up sections for ease of transport.

Standard sizes range from ø 1000 – ø 10,000 with cylinder length dependant on customer requirements. They are supplied with integrally moulded strengthening flanges at both ends with the choice of either inward returning flanges or external flanges. These stilling wells are generally fabricated using an Orthophthalic resin system for mild chemical resistance. Alternative resin systems can be used for severely corrosive environments.