GRP Bridge Walkways

MOSDEN Plastics & Fibreglass manufacture GRP Bridge Walkways that can be used on rotating bridges of sewage clarifiers and settling tanks.

MOSDEN GRP Bridge Walkways have successfully been used on Chemical
plants as catwalks due to the Corrosion and chemical resistance characteristics. These walkways also have the following advantages.

— Competitive price – No off cuts of egg crate or paint / galvanising
– Lower Mass – Easier to install, handle and transport.
– Lower design loading for steel bridge .. . Less support steelwork.
– Corrosion resistant – Will not corrode or be attacked by chemicals or
– Maintenance free – Will not require painting or additional corrosion

MOSDEN GRP Bridge Walkways are manufactured as standard width of 760
mm and are supplied in lengths up to 5.9m. GRP Bridge Walkways are manufactured to incorporatea continuous decking with integrally moulded side kick plates.

The standard width is ideal for regular traffic and makes it simple to install
above channel iron or I beams.

Fixing is easy by either hook or regular bolts. Standard stanchions and hand railing can be fixed directly to the channel iron or I beams.

GRP Bridge Walkways are supplied permanently pigmented Grey and supplied with a non-slip aggregate encapsulated finish.

The natural flexibility of the walkway under foot further enhances the ergonomics of the walkway over conventional egg crate grating.

Safety in highly corrosive applications is easily achieved with the use of GRP bridge walkways.