GRP Clarifiers

MOSDEN Plastics & Fibreglass have pioneered the manufacture of GRP Clarifiers for water purification, wastewater and effluent treatment plants. MOSDEN clarifiers are situated throughout Africa as testimony. These clarifiers have many advantages over both concrete and coated/painted mild steel clarifiers. See advantages below:

– Competitive price – Due to optimised design – proven through service
– Lower Mass – Easier to install, handle and transport.
– Easier Installation – One piece fabricated, no joints and no welding on site.
– Corrosion resistant – Will not be corroded or be attacked by process chemicals.
– Maintenance free – Will not require painting or additional corrosion protection.

MOSDEN Clarifiers are manufactured as one-piece mouldings to specific customer dimensions based on process flow rates and retention times.

Sizes range from ø 1500 to ø 4000mm. These GRP Clarifiers can be manufactured with 45° or 60°conical bottoms. Specific cylinder heights are based on customer requirements.

In addition the Clarifiers can be manufactured with GRP pipe support legs or a self-supporting skirt. Clarifiers are supplied with integrally moulded tangential inlet and outlet nozzles as well as flanged connections if required. Clarifiers are supplied with an internal stilling well and either have an external or internal collector trough complete with V-Notch weirs. Scum baffles can be fitted.

MOSDEN GRP Clarifiers are generally fabricated using an Orthophthalic resin system for mild chemical resistance. Alternative resin systems can be used for severely corrosive applications. Exterior surfaces are coated with a white waxed & UV stabilised resin layer.