GRP Sand & Dual Media Filters

MOSDEN Plastics & Fibreglass has supplied over the last ± 20 years the
reliability and cost effective Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Sand & Dual
Media Filters. These filters have been installed as single unit or multiple link
filtration systems.
MOSDEN GRP Filters are to be found in a variety of applications
throughout South Africa, neighbouring countries and as far afield as Egypt
and Australia.
MOSDEN GRP filters are widely used in mobile containerised water
purification systems due to reliability and low maintenance characteristics.

MOSDEN GRP filters can be custom manufactured to client specifications.
They are designed according to British Standards BS 4994-1987 – “Specification for Vessels and tanks in Reinforced Plastics”.

All filters are manufactured from female moulds, thereby ensuring an aesthetically pleasing finish. A quality control system is administered and routine stage inspections are conducted. In addition each filter is individually subjected to a pressure test and visual inspection prior to dispatch. See figure 6.1 – 6.2.